How to Look Skinny

How to Look Skinny

You only get one chance for first impressions and the thought of how to look smart to give out a good impression on people concerns all of us at certain points of our lives. Coming off as sloppy and messy not only affects your reputation but also the expectations people have from you. But the answer to ‘how to look smart?’ is actually not that hard to find. Just a bit of more effort and confidence in your personality can help you look and act smart anywhere that you want. You can look smart by wearing clean, well-fitting clothes that match the occasion and the latest trends. You can act smart by building your knowledge base as a solid personality is just as important as your looks.

Smart Looking Tips

1.     Evaluate Your Clothes:

When thinking about how to look smart, clothing should be the first thing to come to your mind. Well-fitting clothes that match with the latest trends is the way to start.

First of all, choose a set of well-cut pants and the rest of your outfit should work around them. Don’t be afraid to wear bright colors and patterns. As long as they match the occasion and place, you have nothing to worry about. For casual wear, and according to the trends seen in the latest years, ankle high jeans seem to be in great demand and they while making you look smart and casual also add to a fashionable look. Levi’s 505 C Cropped Jeans are a perfect choice.

How to Look Skinny
How to look smart with the right pants

As for men, when thinking about smart and casual and pants all together, chinos are the first thing to come to our mind. And when thinking about chinos J. Crew’s ankle high chinos are the best ones to choose.

After choosing the right pants, comes the rest of your outfit, the first of which is your shirt. Wear either a long length or a short length shirt that matches the occasion and your personality and pair it up with the right jacket such as blazers. Kensie Women’s Stretch Crepe Blazer is the best choice for a smart casual look.

How to Look Skinny
How to look smart and fashionable with the right blazer

For men, blazers are cool for spring and summer, but for fall and winter mostly long coats are in trends. Bonobos Italian wool topcoat is the most in-trend choice for the winter.

How to Look Skinny
How to look smart with the right coat

2.     The Right Shoes

According to the latest research, 80% of the people look at your shoes when you meet them. So, as long as the clothing is important, wearing the right shoes is just as important.

When choosing shoes for a smart look, try not to be too flashy in terms of colors, especially when your clothes have the same colors as well. Avoid excessive bright coloring. Gucci’s shoes collection for both men and women is a great way to start as long as you can sacrifice money for looks.

How to Look Skinny
How to Look Skinny with smart shoes

Well, how to look smart with Gucci is not something so hard to pull off but, apart from Gucci a number of other brands have a lot of variety to offer, for example Acne Studios Oil White red marble patterned shoes for women are worth mentioning.To know how to wear ankle boots you can get idea by visiting our post Men’s Fashion Trends 2017-2018.

How to Look Skinny
How to look smart with right shoes

3.     Get Nerdy with Glasses

Not long ago nerd was just a name to call on the most boring person of the class who never partied and always studied. But they are geniuses still and with the passage of time looking nerdy has become a trend everyone wants to follow. It makes you look smart and seducing when you know the right way to pull it off. How to look smart and charming is no more a hard question. A right outfit and a pair of glasses and you’re good to go.

Start by choosing the right size of glasses according to your face type. If you have a small and oval face try not to wear heavy and thick frames as they will conceal your face even further, instead wear lightly colored, transparent or very thin and delicate frames.

How to Look Skinny
How to look smart with thick glasses

On the other hand, if you have a rather large or square shape of the face, try to wear slightly thicker frames. This goes for both men and women.

How to Look Skinny
How to look smart with glasses

As for the most commonly used style of glasses used so far in 2017 has to be the round eyeglasses from different brands. Well, not your grandma’s old round glasses but inspired from that look these glasses are thin and delicately framed and give a smart sophisticated look. The Row x Oliver Peoples After Midnight Glasses is a worth mention.

4.     Wear a Watch

When you’re trying to uncover how to look smart, watch is an item that you must have as it shows that you like to keep up with time and are punctual. Even though watches are necessary for women and men both, it is a must-have especially for men. A man’s wrist without a watch is a total no no!

For women, the thinner and delicate they are the better they look. Guess Diamond Accented (right) and DKNY crosswalk (left) rose gold watches are a worth mention.

How to Look Skinny
How to Look Skinny with smart watch

For men, black, golden and silver works the best. Time Easy Reader T2N794 Black Watch and Calvin Klein Men’s K2V214D1 Swiss Quartz Watch is a worth mention.

How to Look Skinny
How to Look Skinny right watch

5.     Build Your Personality

How to look smart and attractive with being all nicely dressed up is not the only thing that matters in looking smart. A hollow personality ruins the entire look and all your efforts are in vain if you look dumber when you open your mouth. Make sure that you communicate clearly with people. Look in their eyes confidently and convey your point effortlessly. Don’t talk too loud and neither too low that makes you look measly and shy. Be confident of your looks and stay hygienic. Read a book in your free time to enhance your knowledge so that you can participate in debates. Listen more and talk less.Casual hairstyle, trendy hand bag cast an impact on someone personality.

How to Look Skinny
How to look skinny with watches for men

How to Look Smart

So the tips discussed above are Evaluate Your Clothes,The Right Shoes,Get Nerdy with Glasses,Wear a Watch,Build Your Personality to look smart.

With all of these improvements in your personality and outlook there is no way that you cannot pull of a smart look. With the right clothes, shoes and accessories and fixing a few crooks in your personality and you’re good to go. For Latest Fashion updates, like our page on facebook.

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