Latest Nail Colour & Nail Art Trends

Latest Nail Colour & Nail Art Trends

Trends in nail art and nail colour continue to change as seasons change as well as events. The thing that nails in our day is to be creative to work with the latest colours to come out. The more creative you are, the more you can think of your nails.How you can forget a perfect nail colour with elegant prom dress. You can go bold and choose colours such as yellow, red and green to reach the direction of your nails.

The personality is characterized by hands, the impact of handsome hands also occur on the face. The beauty of hands is especially focused on how women work hard to make the beauty and beauty of the face. Where there is beauty of hands it is impossible to mention the nail polish. By using nail polish beauty of hands can be increased and our hands can look gorgeous as well. Nail polishing is now an integral part of the fashion industry, walk on the ramp or any function, women’s hands are not visible without the nail polish. Since the beginning of the summer Women look very upset in colours selection for the summer costumes, as well as women look worried with Nail Kills Tenders.

Looking at the changing colours of the season, it is also emphasized to change the nail polish colour. Which Nail colour is in and what’s out, which Nails Art is especially popular in this season and what’s less, these questions are discussed in women. So let us talk about summer nail polish colour and nail art.

Nail Colours 2018

Soft Grey:

Light grey colour is one of the best colours of the summer nail polish .Soft Gray Nail Colour can be used with black colour as nail art; this colour feels quite good on hands during the summer.

Latest Nail Colour & Nail Art Trends
Grey Nail Paint Idea

Light Green:

Instead of Flag Green and Bottle Green Nail Colour, choose the light green colour nail polish in this season, this colour will also remind you of the summer drinks , as well as it will be helpful in increasing the beauty of your beautiful hands.

Latest Nail Colour & Nail Art Trends
Soft Green Nail Polish Idea

Sky Blue:

Women often use the turquoise coloured nail polishes, but this colour is quite in, in the summer costumes as well as in the summer nail colour.

Latest Nail Colour & Nail Art Trends
Attractive Nail Colour Idea


This colour will remind you of winter famous fruit “oranges” but in the heat of summer you will feel quite cool with orange nail colour on your nails.


Ultimate Wild colour is the best and favourite colour of the year, the ultimate beauty of ultra-violet nail polish is that it can used by women with light, dim and dark complexion.

Latest Nail Colour & Nail Art Trends
Modern Nail Polish Idea


Golden coloured nail polish can also be used in the summer, it adds beauty in both matte and glitter shades.

Latest Nail Colour & Nail Art Trends
Royl Nail Colour Idea


White Nail Colour is the best for summer, a feature of this colour is also that the colour of the nail polish looks perfect in hands of both dim and fair complexion girls.

Latest Nail Colour & Nail Art Trends
White Nail Colour

Nail Art Ideas

In addition to the Nail Colour, what are summer appealing art designs, let’s take a look at them too.

Fresh Fruit Nail Art:

Yes! Fresh Fruit Nail Art Trend, because of summer, Strawberry and Watermelon are eaten, but why not these fruits be used as Nail’s Art? By making Fresh Fruit Art, beauty can be added to the beauty of nails, if you are too fashionable and want to do something new, you should have a watermelon nail art on your nails and get rid of everyone.

Latest Nail Colour & Nail Art Trends
Fruit Nail Art

Sunny Nail Art:

Sunny’s Art is one of the summer nail art trends, for this art to put on nails, the yellow and orange nail polish are used. Keeping the sun in mind, a variety of beautiful styles are made from the nail art on the nails.

Latest Nail Colour & Nail Art Trends
Summer Nail Art

Marble Nail Art:

Marble Nail Art is one way for which a round polish diameter is dropped to draw a design on the surface of the water, and then the design is transferred to the nails; it is called Marble Nail Art. Free dragging makes geometric designs while making round designs in free draping styling. This Art of nails can also be used as a trend in the summer.

Latest Nail Colour & Nail Art Trends
Marble Nail Art

Hot Pink:

Do you like hot pink colour, if you do then you must try hot pink art in summer. By using different shades of pink females draw different styles on half nails that look charming. I look very good and attractive too.

Latest Nail Colour & Nail Art Trends
Stylish Nail Art

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Latest Nail Colour & Nail Art Trends
Watermelon Nails
Latest Nail Colour & Nail Art Trends
Pink Nail Art
Latest Nail Colour & Nail Art Trends
Hot Pink Nail Art
Latest Nail Colour & Nail Art Trends
Beautiful Nail Art
Latest Nail Colour & Nail Art Trends
Green Nail Colour Idea

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